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Michigan’s Iconic Affluent Waterfront Communities are Surprisingly Affordable

Grosse Pointe, Michigan, depicted as an icon of wealth and luxury in film, television and literature, is actually comprised of five communities: the City of Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Shores and Grosse Pointe Woods. The Pointes, as they are called, are known as a closely-knit coastal community, and a home of preppy, old-money style (Grosse Pointe was featured in the Official Preppy Handbook for that very reason). Lakeshore Drive, the scenic lakefront route that connects all five communities, was featured on HGTV’s show Dream Drives, and in the film Grosse Pointe Blank.

Bordered on the south and west by Detroit, and the north and east by Lake St. Clair, the area today offers a truly upscale suburban experience in a variety of price ranges—there are good deals available on both high-end, multimillion-dollar homes and their more modest counterparts, as well as a number of very nice homes priced in the $200,000-and-under range.

High-End Living Along Lake St. Clair

The area, considered a suburb of Metropolitan Detroit, features beautiful architecture, multimillion-dollar homes (historic estates, remodels and newer construction), several great shopping districts. Each community also has at least one municipal park along Lake St. Clair, so waterfront amenities and activities, especially power-boating and sailing, are an integral part of Grosse Pointe life.

Rich Historic and Cultural Roots

The Grosse Pointes are steeped in history, with several homes, churches and other buildings included on the National Register of Historic Places, including, among many others, the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, a historic landmark designed by famed architect Albert Kahn, which is open to the public for guided tours. There are also many notable residents who chose to make Grosse Pointe their home, including several members of the Ford family (Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, and Henry Ford II, grandson of Henry Ford both lived there).

Many Recreational & Shopping Options

The Grosse Pointes are home to many acclaimed private recreational clubs, including the Country Club of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, which offer residents a variety of traditional recreational options like golf, tennis and marine pursuits, all in a beautiful lakefront setting. There is also Grosse Pointe Hunt Club, an impressive equestrian club, especially given its suburban location. And with multiple municipal parks along the lake, there are also an abundance of public options for recreation.

There are three large shopping districts, The Village, The Hill and Mack Avenue, and several smaller shopping areas sprinkled throughout the Grosse Pointes. The Village alone is home to over 40 retailers and businesses. And with Downtown Detroit just seven miles away, there is no shortage of excellent shopping nearby. There are both quaint, street-side shops as well as more modern, mixed-use developments that include retailers, restaurants and businesses.

A Tradition of Academic Excellence

The Grosse Pointe Public School System, which serves all five of the Grosse Pointes, has a long history of academic excellence and is consistently ranked among the best K-12 educational systems both in the state and in the nation. The staff is highly trained, with over 80% of educators holding a Master’s Degree or higher, and the system has impressive facilities and resources, including a planetarium and access to a statewide research network. With both public and private options, as well as nearby preschool and daycare facilities, children at every age and every stage of development have plentiful opportunities for academic and social growth and engagement.

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